About Us



As Ileri Gıda has been operating in Istanbul for the purpose of importing, exporting, and selling quality food additives, which we procured from various parts of the world. Our company today is one of the distributors of well-known and distinguished products for the leading companies in its field. We offer our wide range of products in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex to our customers with our dynamic staff and customer satisfaction mentality.

Increasing our brand prestige by working with leading companies in the sector, we continue to grow with our continuous development policy and sustainability efforts. Today, we serve our customers with our four dry food warehouses and a C-type bounded warehouse affiliated with Ambarli Customs.

We are taking firm steps forward in the sector as a reliable, ethical, and respectable company, aware of our duties and executing our responsibilities towards the economy, environment, and society with our social responsibility projects.


Our Vision

We intend to sustain the organization's profitability by increasing brand awareness and corporate identity in both domestic and international markets by integrating our strategies and policies. While attempting to connect our customers' and employees' needs with the organization, we aim to be among the market's top importers and exporters of food additives.



Our Mission

We choose reliable suppliers based on sustainable, innovative and ethical policies that can provide high level of customer satisfaction by accurately understanding customer needs and expectations in a globalizing world. We import, export and distribute high-quality food additives in accordance with Turkish Food Codex and Import and Export Legislation with all of our employees and partners.


Our Values