The Emsland Group is an internationally operating company that manufactures innovative products for the processing industry based on raw materials from vegetables.
The Emsland Group products are essential elements in a wide range of food applications. We also provide a wide range of products in the dried potato products segment of the food retail sector under the Mecklenburger Küche brand. The Emsland Group offers customized product solutions for our customers in the areas of adhesives, flocking agents, construction additives, textile applications and filter materials. More of our quality products are used in high-quality animal feed for domestic and farm animals.


Sonneveld Group, founded in 1956, is an international company that develops innovative customer-specific solutions for the bakery sector and the closely-related food industry, for and with our customers with which we add value to the whole chain and especially to the customer. We offer technical support aimed at realising ideal process, bread and pastry quality, we share knowledge about bakery processes and ingredients, we develop innovative bread and pastry concepts and we also support activities that enhance the bakery sector. We use our knowledge and expertise - in terms of producing and supplying ingredients and products, as well as process-related knowledge and market insights - to work with customers on high quality and/or user-friendly products and concepts.
An important part of our turnover is earned through export to countries in Europe, the Middle East, South America and South East Asia. Sonneveld is market leader in the Netherlands and one of the most important players in the Benelux.


Quality Speciality Chemicals LLP, founded in 1984, is a forward-thinking specialty chemical/performance chemical company that develops and delivers technologies that improve the quality and performance of our customers' goods in the global transportation, industrial, and consumer industries.
Quality Chemical Industries, as a technology and customer-driven firm, has assisted clients in achieving better levels of satisfaction by providing solutions that improve product quality. Industrial Waxes, Wax Emulsions, Polymer Additives, Industrial Lubricating Oil & Additives, and Speciality Chemicals are among the products offered by the company.


The primary activity of the company Victoriaoil is the production of raw and refined oils, biodiesel and protein meal. Today the factory processes almost 220,000 tons of sunflower and over 85,000 tons of soybean annually, and the processing technology allows complete flexibility of the oil crop refining production process. Victoriaoil also has a cutting edge plant for bottling and packaging edible oil with a capacity of 14,000 litres an hour. Besides the refined oils segment, Victoriaoil achieves significant exports of other products in its range, positioning the company as one of the largest net exporters in Serbia. Today, Victoriaoil produces the highest quality products accepted worldwide in Sunflower Lecithin and Soy Lecithin products. The competitive advantage both at domestic and international level guaranteed with the implementation of numerous international standards, and staying in line with the very strict legislation of the developed world markets.


Lecital is a medium-sized family-owned company that specializes solely in lecithin products. That means they've dedicated their lives to becoming lecithin experts so their customers don't have to. Their main goal is to make purchasing lecithin as easy and stress-free as possible. Their customers are businesses with a stronghold on their local market and lecithin requirements ranging from 1MT to 1000MT. Lecital is a lecithin manufacturer with their own factory that specializes in strandardizing lecithin to a variety of specifications based on customer requirements.
Because they have been in the lecithin business for over 20 years, they have formed trusting relationships with many of their lecithin manufacturing colleagues and are now able to supply their customers with almost any lecithin from around the world.


The food habits of the people around the globe have been changing and their preferences are mainly influenced by taste, texture and nourishment provided by food products. It has indeed become an imperative aspect for the processed food manufacturers to understand consumer insights and preferences and develop food products that meets their requirements.
At Drytech, we believe, demand for a safe and healthy food ingredient must be fulfilled for a healthy lifestyle. Our quality ingredients lets you indulge into a world of tasty food that blends science with passion. We help food manufacturers create products, which are not only natural but also rich in nutrients. With our state of the art facility and well equipped RD & A center, we have been serving the food industry with unique and specialty ingredients for several years. Our range of ingredients also help our customers to make clean label products and elevate their sensory experience. We welcome you on the journey to reform and innovate your food products that will delight your customers..


Chocolate and fillings have been the center of our activity since the establishment of the company. A few years later another amazing Belgian speciality – speculoos – has been added to the HERCO® assortment.
The constant drive to satisfy our clients has lead to many further product developments. Now, so many years later, we are able to offer a wide range of products: chocolate, fillings & spreads, speculoos, toppings & dessert sauces, sugar specialties and dry mixes & decorations. HERCO® range of products contains all the solutions you need to create high qualty and delicious food.


Nature has always been the best color generator, and our admiration for it has motivated us to take nature's colors beyond what even she could imagine.
At Farbe Naturals, thanks to years of research, observation and compliance with technological developments, we can guarantee purity and quality in the production of natural color as if nature had made it. We are sure that even she would give us his full approval for achieving this if she could.